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1997 – 1999 WNBA Card Sets

The early years of the WNBA saw two different manufacturers of WNBA cards and multiple parallel sets. These sets are popular as they contain the original stars of the league and many Hall of Famers.

2000 – 2004 WNBA Card Sets

As the WNBA headed into the 2000’s the card market continued to boom resulting in huge sets and numerous parallels. These sets contain many of the rarest and most desireable WNBA cards you can have in your collection or portfolio.

2005 – 2018 WNBA Card Sets

Financial struggles lead to Rittenhouse taking over the WNBA card license for the 2005 set, which they would hold for the next 13 years.

While Rittenhouse continued the trend of large sets with multiple inserts Fleer was known for, by 2009 the production runs for WNBA sets were no higher than 500. In 2011, just 233 were produced.

2019 to Present WNBA Card Sets

The ultra modern era brought another change in licensing, with Panini taking over the rights to manufacturer WNBA cards. Panini started with their Donruss line and popular Optic parallels in 2019, before bringing the world the first ever WNBA Prizm set in 2020.

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