2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Checklist

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2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Set Overview

Welcome to the 2021 Panini Prizm WNBA checklist. Below you will find a quick overview of the set, then quick links to take you to each set of the 2021 Panini Prizm WNBA checklist. If you have questions or find an error, please contact us. This checklist was last updated December 12th, 2022

Print RunUnknown
Box RunUnknown
Box Configuration12 Cards Per Pack
12 Packs Per Box
12 Boxes Per Case
2 Autographs Per Box
22 Prizms Per Box
10 Inserts Per Box
Key CardsCrystal Dangerfield RC
Michaela Onyenwere RC
POP CountPSA POP Count
Buy OnlineThe Collection
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2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Set Checklists

You can use the links below to navigate to the sets in the 2021 Panini Prizm WNBA checklist.

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Base Set Checklist

The 2021 Panini Prizm WNBA base set contains 100 base cards. Each card in the 2022 set has 17 different parallels. If you want every card, you’d be looking at 1,700 cards (if you could buy them all).

The non-numbered parallels include Silver, Cracked Ice, Hyper, Red Wave, Green, Green Cracked Ice, and White Sparkle Prizm. The Green and Green Cracked Ice parallels are retail exclusives (Green Cracked Ice is a Fanatics exclusive). The White Sparkle Prizm parallel were distributed in limited release 2021 Panini Prizm White Sparkle packs.

The numbered parallels include Red (#/199), Blue (#/149), (#/99) Purple, Premium Scope (#/99), Orange (#/65), Mojo (#/25), Green Pulsar (#/25), Gold (#/10), Black Gold (#/5), and Black (1/1). The Green Pulsar Prizm (#/25) parallel is a retail exclusive. The rest of the numbered parallels are found in hobby boxes as well as retail.

1Lauren CoxIndiana Fever
2Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
3Leilani MitchellWashington Mystics
4Ezi Magbegor RCSeattle Storm
5Monique BillingsAtlanta Dream
6Courtney WilliamsAtlanta Dream
7Victoria ViviansIndiana Fever
8Brionna JonesConnecticut Sun
9Moriah JeffersonDallas Wings
10Courtney VanderslootChicago Sky
11Kia NursePhoenix Mercury
12Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
13A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
14Jocelyn WilloughbyNew York Liberty
15Marina Mabrey RCDallas Wings
16Bridget Carleton RCMinnesota Lynx
17Allie QuigleyChicago Sky
18Briann JanuaryConnecticut Sun
19Sylvia FowlesMinnesota Lynx
20Layshia ClarendonNew York Liberty
21Natasha HowardNew York Liberty
22Isabelle HarrisonDallas Wings
23Bria HolmesLos Angeles Sparks
24Jordin CanadaSeattle Storm
25Brianna TurnerPhoenix Mercury
26Aerial PowersMinnesota Lynx
27Jasmine ThomasConnecticut Sun
28Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
29Jonquel JonesConnecticut Sun
30Napheesa CollierMinnesota Lynx
31Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
32Natasha CloudWashington Mystics
33Ariel AtkinsWashington Mystics
34Elizabeth WilliamsAtlanta Dream
35Shekinna StricklenAtlanta Dream
36Candice DupreeSeattle Storm
37Jantel LavenderIndiana Fever
38Riquna WilliamsLas Vegas Aces
39Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
40Myisha Hines-AllenWashington Mystics
41Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
42Alyssa ThomasConnecticut Sun
43Dearica HambyLas Vegas Aces
44Angel McCoughtryLas Vegas Aces
45Erica WheelerLos Angeles Sparks
46Amanda Zahui B.Los Angeles Sparks
47Jackie YoungLas Vegas Aces
48Allisha GrayDallas Wings
49Chennedy CarterAtlanta Dream
50Kahleah CopperChicago Sky
51Betnijah LaneyNew York Liberty
52Alanna SmithPhoenix Mercury
53DeWanna BonnerConnecticut Sun
54Emma MeessemanWashington Mystics
55Chiney OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
56Kristi Toliver UERLos Angeles Sparks
57Teaira McCowanIndiana Fever
58Stefanie DolsonChicago Sky
59Nia CoffeyLos Angeles Sparks
60Kelsey PlumLas Vegas Aces
61Kayla McBrideMinnesota Lynx
62Tianna HawkinsAtlanta Dream
63Danielle RobinsonIndiana Fever
64Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
65Sue BirdSeattle Storm
66Kylee Shook RCNew York Liberty
67Katie Lou SamuelsonSeattle Storm
68Brittney SykesLos Angeles Sparks
69Chelsea GrayLas Vegas Aces
70Satou SaballyDallas Wings
71Tina CharlesWashington Mystics
72Diamond DeShieldsChicago Sky
73Sami WhitcombNew York Liberty
74Tiffany MitchellIndiana Fever
75Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
76Candace ParkerChicago Sky
77Liz CambageLas Vegas Aces
78Damiris DantasMinnesota Lynx
79Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
80Odyssey SimsAtlanta Dream
81Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
82Sophie Cunningham RCPhoenix Mercury
83Kayla ThorntonDallas Wings
84Ruthy HebardChicago Sky
85Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
86Epiphanny PrinceSeattle Storm
87Tiffany HayesAtlanta Dream
88Kia VaughnPhoenix Mercury
89Charli Collier RCDallas Wings
90Awak Kuier RCDallas Wings
91Aari McDonald RCAtlanta Dream
92Kysre Gondrezick RCIndiana Fever
93Chelsea Dungee RCDallas Wings
94Michaela Onyenwere RCNew York Liberty
95Jasmine Walker RCLos Angeles Sparks
96Shyla Heal RCChicago Sky
97Rennia Davis RCMinnesota Lynx
98Stephanie Watts RCLos Angeles Sparks
99Aaliyah Wilson RCIndiana Fever
100Iliana Rupert RCLas Vegas Aces

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Inserts Checklists

There are nine different insert sets in the 2021 Panini Prizm WNBA master set. Each set except Color Blast has 7 different parallels.

These nine different inset sets are comprised of 149 cards. This makes the 2022 Panini WNBA master set a total of 249 cards.

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Color Blast Checklist

The Color Blast set checklist includes 10 cards from some of the league’s most popular players, including Rookie of the Year Crystal Dangerfield. There are no parallels and the cards in the set are considered case hits. Color Blast inserts are very popular with collectors. The print run estimate at 20-25 copies per card.

1A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
2Liz CambageLas Vegas Aces
3Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
4Sue BirdSeattle Storm
5Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
6Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
7Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
8Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
9Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
10Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Dominance Checklist

The Dominance set checklist includes 15 cards featuring top WNBA players dominating the league. Each card has 7 parallels. The parallels include Silver (no #), Green (no #), Green Cracked Ice (no #), Green Pulsar (/25), Mojo (#/25), Gold (#/10), and Black (1/1).

1Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
2Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
3Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
4Candace ParkerChicago Sky
5Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
6Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
7Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
8Sue BirdSeattle Storm
9Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
10Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
11A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
12Satou SaballyDallas Wings
13Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
14Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
15Liz CambageLas Vegas Aces

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Emergent Checklist

The Emergent set checklist includes 10 cards from the up and coming stars in the W. Each card has 7 parallels. The parallels include Silver (no #), Green (no #), Green Cracked Ice (no #), Green Pulsar (/25), Mojo (#/25), Gold (#/10), and Black (1/1).

1Satou SaballyDallas Wings
2Chiney OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
3A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
4Chennedy CarterAtlanta Dream
5Erica WheelerLos Angeles Sparks
6Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
7Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
8Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
9Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
10Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Far Out Checklist

The Far Out set checklist includes 10 cards of the most collectible WNBA players. Each card has 7 parallels. The parallels include Silver (no #), Green (no #), Green Cracked Ice (no #), Green Pulsar (/25), Mojo (#/25), Gold (#/10), and Black (1/1).

1Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
2A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
3Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
4Liz CambageLas Vegas Aces
5Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
6Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
7Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
8Sue BirdSeattle Storm
9Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
10Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Fearless Checklist

The Fearless set checklist includes 15 cards featuring many of the games toughest competitors. Each card has 7 parallels. The parallels include Silver (no #), Green (no #), Green Cracked Ice (no #), Green Pulsar (/25), Mojo (#/25), Gold (#/10), and Black(1/1).

1Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
2Satou SaballyDallas Wings
3Chiney OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
4A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
5Liz CambageLas Vegas Aces
6Chennedy CarterAtlanta Dream
7Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
8Candace ParkerChicago Sky
9Erica WheelerLos Angeles Sparks
10Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
11Sue BirdSeattle Storm
12Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
13Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
14Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
15Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
16Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
17Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
18Sylvia FowlesMinnesota Lynx
19Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
20Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Fireworks Checklist

1Chennedy CarterAtlanta Dream
2Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
3Candace ParkerChicago Sky
4Sylvia FowlesMinnesota Lynx
5Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
6Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
7Satou SaballyDallas Wings
8Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
9A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
10Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
11Liz CambageLas Vegas Aces
12Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury
13Kelsey MitchellIndiana Fever
14Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
15Erica WheelerLos Angeles Sparks
16Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
17Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
18Sue BirdSeattle Storm
19Chiney OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
20Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Get Hyped Checklist

The Get Hyped set checklist includes 15 cards featuring the most electric players WNBA. Each card in the insert set has 7 parallels. The parallels include Silver (no #), Green (no #), Green Cracked Ice (no #), Green Pulsar (/25), Mojo (#/25), Gold (#/10), and Black (1/1).

1Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
2Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
3Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
4Nneka OgwumikeLos Angeles Sparks
5Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
6A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
7Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
8Liz CambageLas Vegas Aces
9Jewell LoydSeattle Storm
10Candace ParkerChicago Sky
11Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
12Sue BirdSeattle Storm
13Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
14Satou SaballyDallas Wings
15Skylar Diggins-SmithPhoenix Mercury

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Signatures Checklist

The Signatures set checklist includes 39 cards. One of them is a redemption (Tiffany Hayes). This makes it the largest insert set in the 2021 Panini Prizm WNBA checklist and one that might be hard to complete due to the redemption. (As of December 12th, 2022, the redemptions have not been fulfilled.)

Each Signatures autographed card in the set has 8 parallels, thanks to 1/1 White Sparkle Prizm autos. The parallels include Silver (no #), Green (no #), Green Cracked Ice (no #), Green Pulsar (/25), Mojo (#/25), Gold (#/10), White Sparkle (1/1), and Black (1/1).

SG-AJWA’ja Wilson AULas Vegas Aces
SG-ALTAlyssa Thomas AUConnecticut Sun
SG-AMCAngel McCoughtry AULas Vegas Aces
SG-AMCAari McDonald AUAtlanta Dream
SG-AOGArike Ogunbowale AUDallas Wings
SG-AQGAllie Quigley AUChicago Sky
SG-AWKAwak Kuier AUDallas Wings
SG-BGNBrittney Griner AUPhoenix Mercury
SG-BHMBecky Hammon AUSan Antonio Stars
SG-BLNBetnijah Laney AUNew York Liberty
SG-BSTBreanna Stewart AUSeattle Storm
SG-CCDCynthia Cooper-Dyke AUHouston Comets
SG-CCLCharli Collier AUDallas Wings
SG-CCTChennedy Carter AUAtlanta Dream
SG-CDFCrystal Dangerfield AUMinnesota Lynx
SG-CFDCheryl Ford AUDetroit Shock
SG-COGChiney Ogwumike AULos Angeles Sparks
SG-CPKCandace Parker AUChicago Sky
SG-DDSDiamond DeShields AUChicago Sky
SG-DHMDearica Hamby AULas Vegas Aces
SG-DTSDiana Taurasi AUPhoenix Mercury
SG-EDDElena Delle Donne AUWashington Mystics
SG-EWLErica Wheeler AULos Angeles Sparks
SG-JYGJackie Young AULas Vegas Aces
SG-KMBKayla McBride AUMinnesota Lynx
SG-KMLKelsey Mitchell AUIndiana Fever
SG-KNSKia Nurse AUPhoenix Mercury
SG-LJNLauren Jackson AUSeattle Storm
SG-LLSLisa Leslie AULos Angeles Sparks
SG-LZCLiz Cambage AULas Vegas Aces
SG-MHAMyisha Hines-Allen AUWashington Mystics
SG-NCLNapheesa Collier AUMinnesota Lynx
SG-NNONneka Ogwumike AULos Angeles Sparks
SG-ODSOdyssey Sims AUAtlanta Dream
SG-SBDSue Bird AUSeattle Storm
SG-SDSSkylar Diggins-Smith AUPhoenix Mercury
SG-SHSSheryl Swoopes AUHouston Comets
SG-SIGSabrina Ionescu AUNew York Liberty
SG-TCHTina Charles AUWashington Mystics
SG-THYTiffany Hayes AU, REDEMPTIONAtlanta Dream

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA Widescreen Checklist

The Widescreen set checklist include 10 cards featuring popular WNBA all stars that fans love to collect. The widescreen set comes in a landscape design.

Each card in the set has 7 parallels. The parallels include Silver (no #), Green (no #), Green Cracked Ice (no #), Green Pulsar (/25), Mojo (#/25), Gold (#/10), and Black (1/1).

1Arike OgunbowaleDallas Wings
2Crystal DangerfieldMinnesota Lynx
3Breanna StewartSeattle Storm
4Elena Delle DonneWashington Mystics
5Sue BirdSeattle Storm
6A’ja WilsonLas Vegas Aces
7Sabrina IonescuNew York Liberty
8Brittney GrinerPhoenix Mercury
9Diana TaurasiPhoenix Mercury
10Liz CambageLas Vegas Aces