1997 Pinnacle Inside WNBA Checklist

Set Overview

Print RunUnknown (Believed to be High)
Court Collection (1:7 Cans = 1:70 Cards)
Executive Collection (1:47 Cans = 1:470 Cards)
Box RunUnknown (Believed to be High)
Box ConfigurationSealed Case of Cans
24 Cans per Case
10 Cards per Can (Cello Packs)
Key CardsCynthia Cooper RC
Sheryl Swoopes RC
Tina Thompson RC
Lisa Leslie RC
Lisa Lobo RC
Teresa Weatherspoon RC
Nancy Lieberman-Cline RC
Ruthie Bolton-Holifield RC
POP CountBase
Cello Pack
My Town
Team Development
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Base Set

The 1997 Pinnacle Inside WNBA is the first ever WNBA set. The 1997 Pinnacle Inside WNBA set contains 81 base cards and 16 inserts from two different sets (My Town, Team Development). There are two short print parallel sets, Court Collection, and the Executive Collection. This set is filled with the rookie cards of a number of legends and Hall of Fame players that makes this base set a must have even if it is easy to find.

1Lisa Leslie RCLos Angeles Sparks
2Cynthia Cooper RCHouston Comets
3Rebecca Lobo RCNew York Liberty
4Michele Timms RCPhoenix Mercury
5Ruthie Bolton-Holifield RCSacramento Monarchs
6Michelle Edwards RCCleveland Rockers
7Vicky Bullett RCCharlotte Sting
8Tammi Reiss RCUtah Starzz
9Penny Toler RCLos Angeles Sparks
10Tia Jackson RCPhoenix Mercury
11Rhonda Mapp RCCharlotte Sting
12Elena Baranova RCUtah Starzz
13Tina Thompson RCHouston Comets
14Merlakia Jones RCCleveland Rockers
15Tora Suber RCCharlotte Sting
16Sophia Witherspoon RCNew York Liberty
17Tajama Abraham RCSacramento Monarchs
18Jessie Hicks RCUtah Starzz
19Tina Nicholson RCCleveland Rockers
20Tiffany Woosley RCHouston Comets
21Chantel Tremitiere RCSacramento Monarchs
22Daedra Charles RCLos Angeles Sparks
23Nancy Lieberman-Cline RCPhoenix Mercury
24Denique Graves RCSacramento Monarchs
25Toni Foster RCPhoenix Mercury
26Sheryl Swoopes RCHouston Comets
27Kym Hampton RCNew York Liberty
28Sharon Manning RCCharlotte Sting
29Janice Lawrence Braxton RCCleveland Rockers
30Sue Wicks RCNew York Liberty
31Lady Hardmon RCUtah Starzz
32Jamila Wideman RCLos Angeles Sparks
33Bridgette Gordon RCSacramento Monarchs
34Lynette Woodard RCCleveland Rockers
35Kim Perrot RCHouston Comets
36Teresa Weatherspoon RCNew York Liberty
37Andrea Stinson RCCharlotte Sting
38Janeth Arcain RCHouston Comets
39Pamela McGee RCSacramento Monarchs
40Tamecka Dixon RCLos Angeles Sparks
41Wendy Palmer RCUtah Starzz
42Umeki Webb RCPhoenix Mercury
43Isabelle Fijalkowski RCCleveland Rockers
44Jennifer Gillom RCPhoenix Mercury
45Latasha Byears RCSacramento Monarchs
46Haixia Zheng RCLos Angeles Sparks
47Kisha Ford RCNew York Liberty
48Eva Nemcova RCCleveland Rockers
49Penny Moore RCCharlotte Sting
50Mwadi Mabika RCLos Angeles Sparks
51Kim Williams RCUtah Starzz
52Wanda Guyton RCHouston Comets
53Vickie Johnson RCNew York Liberty
54Deborah Carter RCUtah Starzz
55Bridget Pettis RCPhoenix Mercury
56Andrea Congreaves RCCharlotte Sting
57Haixia Zheng HSLos Angeles Sparks
58Tammi Reiss HSUtah Starzz
59Jennifer Gillom HSPhoenix Mercury
60Bridgette Gordon HSSacramento Monarchs
61Janice Lawrence Braxton HSCleveland Rockers
62Cynthia Cooper HSHouston Comets
63Teresa Weatherspoon HSNew York Liberty
64Elena Baranova HSUtah Starzz
65Nancy Lieberman-Cline HSPhoenix Mercury
66Andrea Congreaves HSCharlotte Sting
67Sophia Witherspoon HSNew York Liberty
68Vicky Bullett HSCharlotte Sting
69Ruthie Bolton-Holifield HSSacramento Monarchs
70Tina Thompson HSHouston Comets
71Lynette Woodard HSCleveland Rockers
72Jamila Wideman HSLos Angeles Sparks
73Lisa Leslie SGLos Angeles Sparks
74Wendy Palmer SGUtah Starzz
75Michele Timms SGPhoenix Mercury
76Ruthie Bolton-Holifield SGSacramento Monarchs
77Andrea Stinson SGCharlotte Sting
78Lynette Woodard SGCleveland Rockers
79Cynthia Cooper SGHouston Comets
80Rebecca Lobo SGNew York Liberty


My Town

The 1997 Pinnacle Inside My Town insert set contains 8 cards designed to showcase some of the league’s top players against the skyline of their teams city. The 1997 Pinnacle Inside My Town insert is not particularly sought after or valuable, however the cards designs are sharp, making this a fun insert set to have.

1Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
2Lady HardmonUtah Starzz
3Michele TimmsPhoenix Mercury
4Ruthie Bolton-HolifieldSacramento Monarchs
5Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
6Michelle EdwardsCleveland Rockers
7Cynthia CooperHouston Comets
8Rebecca LoboNew York Liberty

Team Development

The 1997 Pinnacle Inside Team Development insert set also contains 8 cards. The 1997 Pinnacle Inside Team Development Insert Set features a distinct foil overlay gives these cards a distinctive design. This set is not particularly in high demand, but it does feature Javale McGee’ mom Pamela which is a cool little factoid.

1Tina ThompsonHouston Comets
2Pamela McGeeSacramento Monarchs
3Jamila WidemanLos Angeles Sparks
4Eva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
5Tammi ReissUtah Starzz
6Sue WicksNew York Liberty
7Tora SuberCharlotte Sting
8Toni FosterPhoenix Mercury