1998 Pinnacle WNBA Court Collection Checklist

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Court Collection

The 1998 Pinnacle WNBA Court Collection contains a total of 85 cards. This set is one of two short print parallels for the year. The print run is unknown for the 1998 Pinnacle WNBA Court Collection, however it is generally believed this is short print run set. The 1998 Pinnacle WNBA Court Collection parallels are characterized by their foil overlay and Court Collection lettering.

1Rhonda Blades RCDetroit Shock
2Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
3Jennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury
4Ruthie BoltonSacramento Monarchs
5Wendy PalmerUtah Starzz
6Sophia WitherspoonNew York Liberty
7Eva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
8Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
9Heidi Burge RCWashington Mystics
10Cynthia CooperHouston Comets
11Christy Smith RCCharlotte Sting
12Penny MooreWashington Mystics
13Penny TolerLos Angeles Sparks
14Bridget PettisPhoenix Mercury
15Tora SuberCharlotte Sting
16Elena BaranovaUtah Starzz
17Rebecca LoboNew York Liberty
18Isabelle FijalkowskiCleveland Rockers
19Vicky BullettCharlotte Sting
20Tina ThompsonHouston Comets
21Andrea Kuklova RCCharlotte Sting
22Rita Williams RCWashington Mystics
23Tamecka DixonLos Angeles Sparks
24Michele TimmsPhoenix Mercury
25Bridgette GordonSacramento Monarchs
26Tammi ReissUtah Starzz
27Kym HamptonNew York Liberty
28Janice BraxtonCleveland Rockers
29Rhonda MappCharlotte Sting
30Janeth ArcainHouston Comets
31Lynette WoodardDetroit Shock
32Tammy Jackson RCWashington Mystics
33Haixia ZhengLos Angeles Sparks
34Toni FosterPhoenix Mercury
35Chantel TkremitiereSacramento Monarchs
36Vickie JohnsonNew York Liberty
37Michelle EdwardsCleveland Rockers
38Wanda GuytonHouston Comets
39Kim PerrotHouston Comets
40Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
41Merlakia JonesCleveland Rockers
42Teresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty
43Kim WilliamsUtah Starzz
44Lady HardmonSacramento Monarchs
45Latasha ByearsSacramento Monarchs
46Umeki WebbPhoenix Mercury
47Pamela McGeeLos Angeles Sparks
48Nikki McCray RCWashington Mystics
49Cindy Brown RCDetroit Shock
50Tiffany WoosleyHouston Comets
51Andrea CongreavesCharlotte Sting
52Jamila WidemanLos Angeles Sparks
53Mwadi MabikaLos Angeles Sparks
54Murriel Page RCWashington Mystics
55Mikiko Hagiwara RCPhoenix Mercury
56Linda Burgess RCSacramento Monarchs
57Olympia Scott RCUtah Starzz
58Dena Head RCUtah Starzz
59Quacy Barnes RCSacramento Monarchs
60Suzie McConnell-Serio RCCleveland Rockers
61Trena Trice RCNew York Liberty
62Rushia Brown RCCleveland Rockers
63Kisha FordNew York Liberty
64Sharon ManningCharlotte Sting
65Tangela Smith RCSacramento Monarchs
66Jim Lewis COWashington Mystics
67Nancy Lieberman-Cline CODetroit Shock
68Van Chancellor COHouston Comets
69Denise Taylor COUtah Starzz
70Heidi VanDerveer COSacramento Monarchs
71Marynell Meadors COCharlotte Sting
72Linda Hill-MacDonald COCleveland Rockers
73Nancy Darsch CONew York Liberty
74Cheryl Miller COPhoenix Mercury
75Julie Rousseau COLos Angeles Sparks
76Rebecca Lobo PHNew York Liberty
77Jennifer Gillom PHPhoenix Mercury
78Janeth Arcain PHHouston Comets
79Rhonda Mapp PHCharlotte Sting
80Cynthia Cooper PHHouston Comets
81Tina Thompson PHHouston Comets
82Kym Hampton PHNew York Liberty
83Cynthia Cooper PHHouston Comets
84Common Checklist
85Chase Checklist