1999 Hoops WNBA Checklist

Print RunUnknown (Believe to be High)
Box RunUnknown (Believe to be High)
Box ConfigurationSealed Hobby Box
12 Cards per Pack
10 Cards per Pack
Key CardsChamique Holdsclaw FP, RC
Katie Smith FP, RC
Dawn Staley FP, RC
Ticha Penicheiro RC
Nykesha Sales FP, RC
Jennifer Azzi FP, RC
POP CountBase
Award Winners
Building Block
Talk of the Town
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Base Set

The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA contains 110 cards in the base set. The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA set contains five different insert sets (Autographics, Autographics Century Marks, Award Winners, Building Blocks, Talk of the Town) including the first WNBA autograph cards, for a total of 167 cards in the master set. There are no parallel sets. This set is filled with the rookie cards of a number of legends and Hall of Fame players, but the 1999 Fleer Ultra WNBA set is valued much higher by collectors and investors.

1Cynthia Cooper PRHouston Comets
2Houston vs. Phoenix PRHouston Comets / Phoenix Mercury
3Houston vs. Phoenix PRHouston Comets / Phoenix Mercury
4Houston vs. Phoenix PRHouston Comets / Phoenix Mercury
5Houston vs. Charlotte PRHouston Comets / Charlotte Sting
6Phoenix vs. Cleveland PRPhoenix Mercury / Cleveland Rockers
7Cynthia Cooper / Jennifer Gillom / Lisa Leslie / Nikki McCray LL
Houston Comets / Phoenix Mercury / Los Angeles Sparks / Washington Mystics
8Lisa Leslie / Cindy Brown / Margo Dydek / Jennifer Gillom LL
Los Angeles Sparks / Detroit Shock / Utah Starzz / Phoenix Mercury
9Isabelle Fijalkowski / Razija Mujanovic / Michelle Griffiths / Janice Braxton LL
FG Percentage
Cleveland Rockers / Detroit Shock / Phoenix Mercury
10Eva Nemcova / Penny Toler / Suzie McConnell Serio / Cynthia Cooper LL
3-Pt. FG Percentage
Cleveland Rockers / Los Angeles Sparks / Houston Comets
11Sandy Brondello / Eva Nemcova / Bridget Pettis / Cynthia Cooper LL
FT Percentage
Detroit Shock / Cleveland Rockers / Phoenix Mercury / Houston Comets
12Ticha Penicheiro / Suzie McConnell Serio / Teresa Weatherspoon / Michele Timms LL
Sacramento Monarchs / Cleveland Rockers / New York Liberty / Phoenix Mercury
13Teresa Weatherspoon / Kim Perrot / Sheryl Swoopes / Ticha Penicheiro LL
New York Liberty / Houston Comets / Sacramento Monarchs
14Margo Dydek / Lisa Leslie / Tangela Smith / Vicky Bullett LL
Utah Starzz / Los Angeles Sparks / Sacramento Monarchs / Charlotte Sting
15Andrea KuklovaPhoenix Mercury
16Christy SmithCharlotte Sting
17Penny MooreWashington Mystics
18Octavia Blue RCMinnesota Lynx
19Vickie JohnsonNew York Liberty
20Latasha ByearsSacramento Monarchs
21Vicky BullettCharlotte Sting
22Franthea Price RCSacramento Monarchs
23Tina ThompsonHouston Comets
24Teresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty
25Maria Stepanova RCPhoenix Mercury
26Merlakia JonesCleveland Rockers
27Razija Mujanovic RCDetroit Shock
28Rhonda MappCharlotte Sting
29Kristi Harrower RCPhoenix Mercury
30Penny TolerLos Angeles Sparks
31Margo Dydek RCUtah Starzz
32Kim PerrotHouston Comets
33Cindy BrownDetroit Shock
34Eva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
35Quacy BarnesSacramento Monarchs
36Tracy Reid RCCharlotte Sting
37Chantel TremitiereUtah Starzz
38Lady HardmonSacramento Monarchs
39Michelle Griffiths RCPhoenix Mercury
40Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
41Sandy Brondello RCDetroit Shock
42Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
43Marlies Askamp RCPhoenix Mercury
44Rachael Sporn RCDetroit Shock
45Nikki McCrayWashington Mystics
46Andrea CongreavesOrlando Miracle
47Toni FosterPhoenix Mercury
48Kim WilliamsMinnesota Lynx
49Carla Porter RCDetroit Shock
50Jamila WidemanLos Angeles Sparks
51Isabelle FijalkowskiCleveland Rockers
52Korie Hlede RCDetroit Shock
53Tora SuberCharlotte Sting
54Sue WicksNew York Liberty
55Coquese Washington RCNew York Liberty
56Sharon ManningCharlotte Sting
57Tammy JacksonHouston Comets
58Tangela SmithSacramento Monarchs
59Suzie McConnell-SerioCleveland Rockers
60Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
61Wendy PalmerUtah Starzz
62Adia Barnes RCMinnesota Lynx
63La’Shawn Brown RCWashington Mystics
64Janeth ArcainHouston Comets
65Ruthie BoltonSacramento Monarchs
66Bridget PettisPhoenix Mercury
67Pamela McGeeLos Angeles Sparks
68Rebecca LoboNew York Liberty
69Cindy Blodgett RCCleveland Rockers
70Rita WilliamsWashington Mystics
71Mwadi MabikaLos Angeles Sparks
72Sophia WitherspoonNew York Liberty
73Janice BraxtonCleveland Rockers
74Cynthia CooperHouston Comets
75Tammi ReissUtah Starzz
76Umeki WebbPhoenix Mercury
77Kym HamptonNew York Liberty
78LaTonya Johnson RCUtah Starzz
79Michele TimmsPhoenix Mercury
80Kisha FordOrlando Miracle
81Monica Lamb RCHouston Comets
82Keri Chaconas RCWashington Mystics
83Elena BaranovaUtah Starzz
84Linda BurgessSacramento Monarchs
85Tamecka DixonLos Angeles Sparks
86Heidi BurgeWashington Mystics
87Michelle EdwardsCleveland Rockers
88Yolanda Moore RCOrlando Miracle
89Ticha Penicheiro RCSacramento Monarchs
90Alessandra Santos de Oliveira RCWashington Mystics
91Rushia BrownCleveland Rockers
92Lynette WoodardDetroit Shock
93Katrina Colleton RCLos Angeles Sparks
94Bridgette GordonSacramento Monarchs
95Jennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury
96Murriel PageWashington Mystics
97Olympia ScottUtah Starzz
98Adrienne Johnson RCOrlando Miracle
99Gergana Branzova RCDetroit Shock
100Allison FeasterLos Angeles Sparks
101Brandy Reed FP, RCMinnesota Lynx
102Katie Smith FP, RCMinnesota Lynx
103Natalie Williams FP, RCUtah Starzz
104Jennifer Azzi FP, RCDetroit Shock
105Chamique Holdsclaw FP, RC Washington Mystics
106Dawn Staley FP, RCCharlotte Sting
107Nykesha Sales FP, RCOrlando Miracle
108Kristin Folkl FP, RCMinnesota Lynx
109Checklist CL
110Checklist CL



The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA Autographics insert set contains a total of 14 cards and brings you the first ever licensed WNBA autograph cards. The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA Autographics insert features some of the games top players at the time, including a number of WNBA Hall of Famers.

1Cynthia CooperHouston Comets
2Kristin FolklMinnesota Lynx
3Bridgette GordonSacramento Monarchs
4Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
5Suzie McConnell-SerioCleveland Rockers
6Nikki McCrayWashington Mystics
7Nykesha SalesOrlando Miracle
8Dawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
9Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
10Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
11Michele TimmsPhoenix Mercury
12Penny TolerLos Angeles Sparks
13Teresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty
NNOChecklist CL

Autographics Century Marks

The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA Autographics Century Marks contains a total of 13 cards. The 1998 SkyBox Hoops WNBA Century Marks is a variant of the base Autographics cards. This set is hand numbered to 50 and features the autograph in blue ink.

1Cynthia Cooper SN50Houston Comets
2Kristin Folkl SN50Minnesota Lynx
3Bridgette Gordon SN50Sacramento Monarchs
4Lisa Leslie SN50Los Angeles Sparks
5Suzie McConnell-Serio SN50Cleveland Rockers
6Nikki McCray SN50Washington Mystics
7Nykesha Sales SN50Orlando Miracle
8Dawn Staley SN50Charlotte Sting
9Andrea Stinson SN50Charlotte Sting
10Sheryl Swoopes SN50Houston Comets
11Michele Timms SN50Phoenix Mercury
12Penny Toler SN50Los Angeles Sparks
13Teresa Weatherspoon SN50New York Liberty

Award Winners

The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA insert set contains 10 cards. The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA insert set features first and second team All WNBA stars. These are really nice looking cards.

1Tina ThompsonHouston Comets
2Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
3Jennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury
4Cynthia CooperHouston Comets
5Suzie McConnell-SerioCleveland Rockers
6Cindy BrownDetroit Shock
7Eva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
8Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
9Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
10Teresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty

Building Blocks

The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA insert set contains a total of 8 cards. The inserts set features a unique blueprint background design with the player photos highlighted in the foreground.

1Dawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
2Rebecca LoboNew York Liberty
3Tracy ReidCharlotte Sting
4Korie HledeDetroit Shock
5Ticha PenicheiroSacramento Monarchs
6Tammi ReissUtah Starzz
7Nikki McCrayWashington Mystics
8Jennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury

Talk of the Town

The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA insert set contains 12 cards. The 1999 SkyBox Hoops WNBA cards features a foil cityscape background with a game action player image in the foreground.

1Cynthia CooperHouston Comets
2Michele TimmsPhoenix Mercury
3Suzie McConnell-SerioCleveland Rockers
4Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
5Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
6Elena BaranovaUtah Starzz
7Cindy BrownDetroit Shock
8Teresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty
9Nikki McCrayWashington Mystics
10Ruthie Bolton-HolifieldSacramento Monarchs
11Nykesha SalesOrlando Miracle
12Kristin FolklMinnesota Lynx