2002 Fleer Ultra WNBA Checklist

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Set Overview

Print RunUnknown Total (Believed to be High)
Box RunUnknown Total (Believed to be High)
Gold Medallion Parallel (1:1 pack)
Summer Love (1:6 packs)
Summer Love Game-Used (1:12 packs)
House of Stiles (1:24 packs)
Rookie Cards are Redemption Only
Box Configuration24 Packs per Box
8 Cards per Pack
Key CardsSue Bird RC
Swin Cash RC
Jackie Stiles Patch Auto
POP CountBase and Gold
Summer Love
Buy OnlineThe Collection
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Base Set

The 2002 Fleer Ultra WNBA set contains 120 base cards and 52 inserts from four different sets (House of Stiles, Summer of Love, Summer of Love Memorabilia, Summer of Love Promotional). There is one short print parallel set, Gold Medallion. The 2002 Fleer Ultra WNBA set is known by most as the “Jackie Stiles” set due her being the featured player in the set with the House of Stiles inserts, but it is the Sue Bird rookie card and some of the rare Summer of Love inserts that gives this set its value.

1Jackie StilesPortland Fire
2Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
3Katie SmithMinnesota Lynx
4Sophia WitherspoonPortland Fire
5Natalie WilliamsUtah Starzz
6Trisha Stafford-OdomHouston Comets
7Lynn PrideMinnesota Lynx
8Ruthie BoltonSacramento Monarchs
9Coquese WashingtonHouston Comets
10Erin BuescherMinnesota Lynx
11Tully BevilaquaPortland Fire
12Deanna NolanDetroit Shock
13Kristen RasmussenMiami Sol
14Bridget PettisPhoenix Mercury
15Marie Ferdinand-HarrisUtah Starzz
16Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
17Olympia ScottIndiana Fever
18Teresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty
19Edna CampbellSacramento Monarchs
20Elena TornikidouDetroit Shock
21Elena BaranovaMiami Sol
22Kristen VealPhoenix Mercury
23Margo DydekUtah Starzz
24Wendy PalmerDetroit Shock
25Sandy BrondelloMiami Sol
26Lisa HarrisonPhoenix Mercury
27Korie HledeUtah Starzz
28Astou Ndiaye-DiattaDetroit Shock
29Sheri SamMiami Sol
30Trisha FallonPhoenix Mercury
31Chamique HoldsclawWashington Mystics
32Chasity MelvinCleveland Rockers
33Mwadi MabikaLos Angeles Sparks
34Shannon JohnsonOrlando Miracle
35Kamila VodichkovaSeattle Storm
36Edwina BrownDetroit Shock
37Ruth RileyMiami Sol
38Maria StepanovaPhoenix Mercury
39Coco MillerWashington Mystics
40Eva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
41DeLisha MiltonLos Angeles Sparks
42Jennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury
43Vicky BullettWashington Mystics
44Penny TaylorCleveland Rockers
45Rhonda MappLos Angeles Sparks
46Tawona AlehaleemOrlando Miracle
47Murriel PageWashington Mystics
48Tamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
49Sue WicksNew York Liberty
50Ticha PenicheiroSacramento Monarchs
51Tammy JacksonHouston Comets
52Rebecca LoboNew York Liberty
53Yolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
54Ann WautersCleveland Rockers
55Latasha ByearsLos Angeles Sparks
56Katie DouglasConnecticut Sun
57Sonja HenningSeattle Storm
58Rushia BrownCleveland Rockers
59Ukari FiggsLos Angeles Sparks
60Elaine PowellOrlando Miracle
61Jennifer AzziUtah Starzz
62Allison FeasterCharlotte Sting
63Rita WilliamsIndiana Fever
64Tangela SmithSacramento Monarchs
65Tari PhillipsNew York Liberty
66Shalonda EnisCharlotte Sting
67Alicia ThompsonIndiana Fever
68Crystal RobinsonNew York Liberty
69Lauren JacksonSeattle Storm
70Jae KingiMiami Sol
71Marla BrumfieldMiami Sol
72Dawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
73Adrienne GoodsonUtah Starzz
74Clarisse MachanguanaCharlotte Sting
75Nikki McCrayIndiana Fever
76Becky HammonNew York Liberty
77Semeka RandallSeattle Storm
78Merlakia JonesCleveland Rockers
79Tamecka DixonLos Angeles Sparks
80Taj McWilliams-FranklinOrlando Miracle
81Jamie ReddSeattle Storm
82Amanda LassiterHouston Comets
83Maylana MartinMinnesota Lynx
84Tamicha JacksonPortland Fire
85Tammy Sutton-BrownCharlotte Sting
86Jurgita StreimikyteIndiana Fever
87Vickie JohnsonNew York Liberty
88Kedra Holland-CornSacramento Monarchs
89Janeth ArcainHouston Comets
90Betty LennoxMinnesota Lynx
91Kristin FolklPortland Fire
92Helen LuzWashington Mystics
93Kelly MillerCharlotte Sting
94Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
95Nykesha SalesOrlando Miracle
96Simone EdwardsSeattle Storm
97Tina ThompsonHouston Comets
98Svetlana AbrosimovaMinnesota Lynx
99Sylvia CrawleyPortland Fire
100Annie Burgess RCWashington Mystics
101Sue BirdSeattle Storm
102Swin CashDetroit Shock
103Stacey DalesWashington Mystics
104Asjha JonesConnecticut Sun
105Nikki TeasleyLos Angeles Sparks
106Tamika WilliamsMinnesota Lynx
107Sheila LambertCharlotte Sting
108Lindsey YamasakiMiami Sol
109Shaunzinski GortmanMinnesota Lynx
110Michelle SnowHouston Comets
111Danielle CrockromUtah Starzz
112Hamchetou Maiga-BaSacramento Monarchs
113Tawana McDonaldIndiana Fever
114LaNeishea CaufieldUtah Starzz
115Tamara MooreMinnesota Lynx
116Rosalind RossLos Angeles Sparks
117Zuzi KlimesovaIndiana Fever
118Lenae WilliamsDetroit Shock
119Iziane Castro MarquesMiami Sol
120Ayana WalkerDetroit Shock


House of Stiles

The 2002 Fleer Ultra WNBA House of Stiles insert set features a total of seven cards dedicated to the 2001 WNBA Rookie of the Year Jackie Stiles. A bold promotional move, Stiles’ career would fizzle out in part due to injury a few years later, leaving this set as reminder of what could have been.

1 HSJackie StilesPortland Fire
2 HSJackie StilesPortland Fire
3 HSJackie StilesPortland Fire
4 HSJackie StilesPortland Fire
5 HSJackie StilesPortland Fire
NNO1Jackie Stiles AU, MEM, SN50Portland Fire
NNO2Jackie Stiles MEM, SN110Portland Fire

Summer of Love

The 2002 Fleer Ultra Summer of Love insert set is one of the grooviest insert sets ever produced for the WNBA. The Summer of Love insert set features a 70’s flower child design alongside some of the games brightest stars.

1 SLSheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
2 SLRuthie BoltonSacramento Monarchs
3 SLNatalie WilliamsUtah Starzz
4 SLJennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury
5 SLBecky HammonNew York Liberty
6 SLDawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
7 SLNikki McCrayIndiana Fever
8 SLEva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
9 SLNykesha SalesOrlando Miracle
10 SLJennifer AzziUtah Starzz
11 SLChamique HoldsclawWashington Mystics
12 SLYolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
13 SLLisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
14 SLJackie StilesPortland Fire
15 SLLauren JacksonSeattle Storm
16 SLKatie SmithMinnesota Lynx
17 SLDeanna NolanDetroit Shock
18 SLRuth RileyMiami Sol

Summer of Love Memorabilia

The 2002 Fleer Ultra Summer of Love Memorabilia insert set includes 14 cards that each contain a game used jersey patch. These Summer of Love Memorabilia inserts are tough to find, with some of the cards in the set near impossible to locate for sale.

NNOJennifer Azzi MEMUtah Starzz
NNORuthie Bolton MEMSacramento Monarchs
NNOJennifer Gillom MEMPhoenix Mercury
NNOYolanda Griffith MEMSacramento Monarchs
NNOBecky Hammon MEMNew York Liberty
NNOChamique Holdsclaw MEMWashington Mystics
NNOLisa Leslie MEMLos Angeles Sparks
NNONikki McCray MEMIndiana Fever
NNOEva Nemcova MEMCleveland Rockers
NNONykesha Sales MEMOrlando Miracle
NNODawn Staley MEMCharlotte Sting
NNOJackie Stiles MEMPortland Fire
NNOSheryl Swoopes MEMHouston Comets
NNONatalie Williams MEMUtah Starzz

Summer of Love Promotional

The 2002 Fleer Summer of Love Promotional insert set were used as marketing items for dealers and sales reps promoting the set to collectors and fans. There is not a lot more known about these and there are not a lot of them floating around.

NNOJennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury
NNOYolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
NNOBecky HammonNew York Liberty
NNOLauren JacksonSeattle Storm
NNOEva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
NNODeanna NolanDetroit Shock
NNORuth RileyMiami Sol
NNONykesha SalesOrlando Miracle
NNOKatie SmithMinnesota Lynx
NNODawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
NNOJackie StilesPortland Fire
NNOSheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
NNONatalie WilliamsUtah Starzz