2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA Checklist

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Set Overview

Print RunBase (Unknown, Believed to be High)
Gold Medallion Rookies (Numbered to 100)
Platinum Medallion (Numbered to 25)
All Star Material Patch (Numbered to 100)
Season Crowns Auto (Numbered to 100)
Season Crown Letters (Numbered to Name)
Box RunUnknown Total (Believed to be High)
Gold Medallions Veterans 1:1
Scoring Stars 1:3
Rookies 1:4
Scoring Stars Jersey 1:24
All-Star Review 1:6
All-Star Material 1:24
Box Configuration24 Packs per Box
8 Cards per Pack
Key CardsDiana Taurasi RC
Lindsay Whalen RC
Alana Beard RC
Season Crowns Autographs
Season Crowns Rookie Jerseys
Season Crowns Letters
RarityModerate to High
POP CountBase / Gold / Platinum
Scoring Stars
All Star Material
Seasons Crowns Autograph
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Base Set

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA set contains 110 base cards and 128 inserts from eight different sets (All Star Review, All Star Review Jerseys, All Star Review Patches, Scoring Stars, Scoring Stars Jerseys, Season Crowns Autographs, Season Crowns Rookie Jerseys, Season Crowns Letters).

There are two short print parallel sets, Gold Medallion, and the numbered to 25 Platinum Medallion.

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA set features The GOAT, Diana Taurasi’s rookie card, but it’s not the only reason this set is very popular with collectors. The set also includes some of the most desirable inserts ever produced.

1Tamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
2Sheri SamSeattle Storm
3Ruthie BoltonSacramento Monarchs
4Chamique HoldsclawWashington Mystics
5Michelle SnowHouston Comets
6Crystal RobinsonNew York Liberty
7Betty LennoxSeattle Storm
8Dominique CantyHouston Comets
9Vickie JohnsonNew York Liberty
10Margo DydekSan Antonio Silver Stars
11Charlotte Smith-TaylorCharlotte Sting
12Katie SmithMinnesota Lynx
13Shannon JohnsonSan Antonio Silver Stars
14Teresa WeatherspoonLos Angeles Sparks
15Natalie WilliamsIndiana Fever
16Yolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
17Adia BarnesSeattle Storm
18Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
19Michele Van GorpMinnesota Lynx
20Kara LawsonSacramento Monarchs
21Tammy Sutton-BrownCharlotte Sting
22Svetlana AbrosimovaMinnesota Lynx
23Chantelle AndersonSacramento Monarchs
24Tynesha LewisCharlotte Sting
25Tamika WilliamsMinnesota Lynx
26LaToya ThomasSan Antonio Silver Stars
27Edna CampbellSacramento Monarchs
28Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
29Kayte ChristensenPhoenix Mercury
30Stacey DalesWashington Mystics
31Wendy PalmerConnecticut Sun
32Swin CashDetroit Shock
33Jessie HicksSan Antonio Silver Stars
34Katie DouglasConnecticut Sun
35Mwadi MabikaLos Angeles Sparks
36Adrienne GoodsonSan Antonio Silver Stars
37Taj McWilliams-FranklinConnecticut Sun
38Slobodanka TuvicPhoenix Mercury
39Semeka RandallSan Antonio Silver Stars
40Kelly MillerIndiana Fever
41Tamika WhitmoreLos Angeles Sparks
42Tully BevilaquaSeattle Storm
43Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
44Becky HammonNew York Liberty
45Sue BirdSeattle Storm
46Debbie BlackConnecticut Sun
47DeLisha Milton-JonesLos Angeles Sparks
48Adrian WilliamsPhoenix Mercury
49Asjha JonesConnecticut Sun
50Janell BurseSeattle Storm
51Tamecka DixonLos Angeles Sparks
52Penny TaylorPhoenix Mercury
53Coco MillerWashington Mystics
54Cheryl FordDetroit Shock
55Deanna JacksonIndiana Fever
56DeMya WalkerSacramento Monarchs
57Kamila VodichkovaSeattle Storm
58Deanna NolanDetroit Shock
59Allison FeasterCharlotte Sting
60Plenette PiersonPhoenix Mercury
61Lauren JacksonSeattle Storm
62Dawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
63Nykesha SalesConnecticut Sun
64Tangela SmithSacramento Monarchs
65Aiysha SmithWashington Mystics
66Ruth RileyDetroit Shock
67Nikki McCrayPhoenix Mercury
68Nikki TeasleyLos Angeles Sparks
69Chasity MelvinWashington Mystics
70Merlakia JonesDetroit Shock
71Coretta BrownIndiana Fever
72Anna DeForgePhoenix Mercury
73Murriel PageWashington Mystics
74Tina ThompsonHouston Comets
75Tari PhillipsNew York Liberty
76Gwen JacksonSan Antonio Silver Stars
77Ayana WalkerDetroit Shock
78Kelly SchumacherIndiana Fever
79Ticha PenicheiroSacramento Monarchs
80Simone EdwardsSeattle Storm
81Kedra Holland-CornHouston Comets
82K.B. Sharp RCNew York Liberty
83LaQuanda QuickSan Antonio Silver Stars
84Barbara FarrisDetroit Shock
85Stephanie White RCIndiana Fever
86Tamicha JacksonWashington Mystics
87Elena BaranovaNew York Liberty
88Elaine PowellDetroit Shock
89Teresa EdwardsMinnesota Lynx
90Marie Ferdinand-HarrisSan Antonio Silver Stars
91Diana Taurasi RCPhoenix Mercury
92Alana Beard RCWashington Mystics
93Nicole Powell RCCharlotte Sting
94Lindsay Whalen RCConnecticut Sun
95Shameka Christon RCNew York Liberty
96Nicole Ohlde RCMinnesota Lynx
97Vanessa Hayden RCMinnesota Lynx
98Chandi Jones RCDetroit Shock
99Ebony Hoffman RCIndiana Fever
100Rebekkah Brunson RCSacramento Monarchs
101Iciss Tillis RCDetroit Shock
102Christi Thomas RCLos Angeles Sparks
103Shereka Wright RCPhoenix Mercury
104Ashley Robinson RCPhoenix Mercury
105Kaayla Chones RCWashington Mystics
106Jessica Brungo RCConnecticut Sun
107Kelly Mazzante RCCharlotte Sting
108Trina Frierson RCSeattle Storm
109Bethany Donaphin RCNew York Liberty
110Agnieszka Bibrzycka RCSan Antonio Silver Stars


Season Crowns Autographs

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA Season Crowns Autographs insert set contains 14 autographs from top players in the WNBA at the time. The cards feature an on-card autograph and are numbered to 100.

SCA1Tamika Catchings AU, SN100Indiana Fever
SCA2Chamique Holdsclaw AU, SN100Washington Mystics
SCA4Swin Cash AU, SN100Detroit Shock
SCA5Alana Beard AU, SN100Washington Mystics
SCA6Becky Hammon AU, SN100New York Liberty
SCA7Cheryl Ford AU, SN100Detroit Shock
SCA8Tangela Smith AU, SN100Sacramento Monarchs
SCA9Delisha Milton-Jones AU, SN100Los Angeles Sparks
SCA10Deanna Nolan AU, SN100Detroit Shock
SCA11Elaine Powell AU, SN100Detroit Shock
SCA12Taj McWilliams-Franklin AU, SN100Connecticut Sun
SCA13Vanessa Hayden AU, SN100Minnesota Lynx
SCA14Ruth Riley AU, SN100Detroit Shock

Season Crowns Letters

The 2004 Fleer Ultra Season Crowns Letters are the rarest WNBA insert set. For each player in the set a single card was produced for each letter in their last name. These are hard to find and even harder to complete if you want a full name.

SCL1Swin Cash MEM, SN4Detroit Shock
SCL2Sheryl Swoopes MEM, SN7Houston Comets
SCL3Lauren Jackson MEM, SN7Seattle Storm
SCL4Tamika Catchings MEM, SN9Indiana Fever
SCL5Cheryl Ford MEM, SN4Detroit Shock
SCL6Nikki Teasley MEM, SN7Los Angeles Sparks
SCL7Sue Bird MEM, SN5Seattle Storm
SCL8Katie Smith MEM, SN5Minnesota Lynx
SCL9Lisa Leslie MEM, SN6Los Angeles Sparks
SCL10Margo Dydek MEM, SN5San Antonio Silver Stars
SCL11Chamique Holdsclaw MEM, SN9Washington Mystics
SCL12Dawn Staley MEM, SN6Charlotte Sting
SCL13Marie Ferdinand MEM, SN9San Antonio Silver Stars
SCL14Tari Phillips MEM, SN8New York Liberty
SCL15Tamecka Dixon MEM, SN5Los Angeles Sparks
SCL16Deanna Nolan MEM, SN5Detroit Shock
SCL17Teresa Weatherspoon MEM, SN12Los Angeles Sparks
SCL18Shannon Johnson MEM, SN7San Antonio Silver Stars
SCL19Yolanda Griffith MEM, SN8Sacramento Monarchs
SCL20Natalie Williams MEM, SN8Indiana Fever
SCL21Alana Beard MEM, SN5Washington Mystics
SCL22Diana Taurasi MEM, SN7Phoenix Mercury

Season Crowns Rookie Jerseys

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA insert set contains just two cards, but they are both of eventual Hall of Famers. The two cards in the set are both numbered to 500, and include a piece of authentic game jersey.

SCJ1Alana Beard MEM, SN500Washington Mystics
SCJ2Diana Taurasi MEM, SN500Phoenix Mercury

All Star Review

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA All Star Review insert set includes a total of 20 cards. This set includes te top All Stars of the day and has as two different variations.

1 ASRLauren JacksonSeattle Storm
2 ASRChamique HoldsclawWashington Mystics
3 ASRTamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
4 ASRLisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
5 ASRKatie SmithMinnesota Lynx
6 ASRNikki TeasleyLos Angeles Sparks
7 ASRSwin CashDetroit Shock
8 ASRTari PhillipsNew York Liberty
9 ASRSheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
10 ASRMarie FerdinandSan Antonio Silver Stars
11 ASRYolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
12 ASRTamecka DixonLos Angeles Sparks
13 ASRNatalie WilliamsIndiana Fever
14 ASRDeanna NolanDetroit Shock
15 ASRSue BirdSeattle Storm
16 ASRDawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
17 ASRCheryl FordDetroit Shock
18 ASRMargo DydekSan Antonio Silver Stars
19 ASRAdrian WilliamsPhoenix Mercury
20 ASRTeresa WeatherspoonLos Angeles Sparks

All Star Review Jerseys

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA All Star Review Jerseys is similar to the base 20 card set, with the addition of a jersey patch.

ASM-AWAdrian Williams MEMPhoenix Mercury
ASM-CFCheryl Ford MEMDetroit Shock
ASM-CHChamique Holdsclaw MEMWashington Mystics
ASM-DNDeanna Nolan MEMDetroit Shock
ASM-DSDawn Staley MEMCharlotte Sting
ASM-KSKatie Smith MEMMinnesota Lynx
ASM-LJLauren Jackson MEMSeattle Storm
ASM-LLLisa Leslie MEMLos Angeles Sparks
ASM-MDMargo Dydek MEMSan Antonio Silver Stars
ASM-MFMarie Ferdinand MEMSan Antonio Silver Stars
ASM-NTNikki Teasley MEMLos Angeles Sparks
ASM-NWNatalie Williams MEMIndiana Fever
ASM-SBSue Bird MEMSeattle Storm
ASM-SCSwin Cash MEMDetroit Shock
ASM-SSSheryl Swoopes MEMHouston Comets
ASM-TCTamika Catchings MEMIndiana Fever
ASM-TDTamecka Dixon MEMLos Angeles Sparks
ASM-TPTari Phillips MEMNew York Liberty
ASM-TWTeresa Weatherspoon MEMLos Angeles Sparks
ASM-YGYolanda Griffith MEMSacramento Monarchs

All Star Review Patches

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA All Star Review Patches is third All Star Review offering. The cards in this set feature jersey patches and are numbered to 100.

ASM-AWAdrian Williams MEM, SN100Phoenix Mercury
ASM-CFCheryl Ford MEM, SN100Detroit Shock
ASM-CHChamique Holdsclaw MEM, SN100Washington Mystics
ASM-DNDeanna Nolan MEM, SN100Detroit Shock
ASM-DSDawn Staley MEM, SN100Charlotte Sting
ASM-KSKatie Smith MEM, SN100Minnesota Lynx
ASM-LJLauren Jackson MEM, SN100Seattle Storm
ASM-LLLisa Leslie MEM, SN100Los Angeles Sparks
ASM-MDMargo Dydek MEM, SN100San Antonio Silver Stars
ASM-MFMarie Ferdinand MEM, SN100San Antonio Silver Stars
ASM-NTNikki Teasley MEM, SN100Los Angeles Sparks
ASM-NWNatalie Williams MEM, SN100Indiana Fever
ASM-SBSue Bird MEM, SN100Seattle Storm
ASM-SCSwin Cash MEM, SN100Detroit Shock
ASM-SSSheryl Swoopes MEM, SN100Houston Comets
ASM-TCTamika Catchings MEM, SN100Indiana Fever
ASM-TDTamecka Dixon MEM, SN100Los Angeles Sparks
ASM-TPTari Phillips MEM, SN100New York Liberty
ASM-TWTeresa Weatherspoon MEM, SN100Los Angeles Sparks
ASM-YGYolanda Griffith MEM, SN100Sacramento Monarchs

Scoring Stars

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA Scoring Stars insert set includes 15 cards that features the games top bucket getters.

1 SSLauren JacksonSeattle Storm
2 SSChamique HoldsclawWashington Mystics
3 SSTamika CatchingsIndiana Fever
4 SSLisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
5 SSKatie SmithMinnesota Lynx
6 SSTina ThompsonHouston Comets
7 SSSwin CashDetroit Shock
8 SSCheryl FordDetroit Shock
9 SSSheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
10 SSMarie FerdinandSan Antonio Silver Stars
11 SSYolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
12 SSTamecka DixonLos Angeles Sparks
13 SSNatalie WilliamsIndiana Fever
14 SSDeanna NolanDetroit Shock
15 SSSue BirdSeattle Storm

Scoring Stars Jerseys

The 2004 Fleer Ultra WNBA Scoring Stars Jerseys is a variant to the base insert set above. This set also includes 15 cards each with the same design. The only addition is a piece of player jersey, which makes these more desirable and valuable than the base.

SS-LJLauren Jackson MEMSeattle Storm
SS-CHChamique Holdsclaw MEMWashington Mystics
SS-TCTamika Catchings MEMIndiana Fever
SS-LLLisa Leslie MEMLos Angeles Sparks
SS-KSKatie Smith MEMMinnesota Lynx
SS-TTTina Thompson MEMHouston Comets
SS-SCSwin Cash MEMDetroit Shock
SS-CFCheryl Ford MEMDetroit Shock
SS-SSSheryl Swoopes MEMHouston Comets
SS-MFMarie Ferdinand MEMSan Antonio Silver Stars
SS-YGYolanda Griffith MEMSacramento Monarchs
SS-TDTamecka Dixon MEMLos Angeles Sparks
SS-NWNatalie Williams MEMIndiana Fever
SS-DNDeanna Nolan MEMDetroit Shock
SS-SBSue Bird MEMSeattle Storm