2000 SkyBox Dominion WNBA Checklist

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Set Overview

Print RunTotal Unknown (Believed to be High)
Box RunTotal Unknown (Believed to be High)
WNBA Autographics (1:144 packs)
WNBA Supreme Court (1:12 packs)
All WNBA Team (1:18 packs)
Box Configuration36 Packs per Box
10 Cards per Pack
Key CardsBecky Hammon RC
Chamique Holdsclaw Autographics
Price $$
POP CountBase and Extra
Cynthia Cooper Collection
Girls Rock
Supreme Court
Buy OnlineThe Collection
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Base Set

The 2000 SkyBox Dominion WNBA is a fairly large set by WNBA card standards. The 2000 SkyBox Dominion WNBA set contains 156 base cards and 61 inserts from five different sets (Autographics, All WNBA, Girls Rock, Supreme Court, The Cooper Collection). There is one short print parallel set, Extra, which features a distinct foil overlay design. This set is includes WNBA legend and current NBA assistant coach Becky Hammon’s rookie card.

1Cynthia CooperHouston Comets
2Sue WicksNew York Liberty
3Clarisse Machanguana RCLos Angeles Sparks
4Adrienne GoodsonUtah Starzz
5Astou Ndiaye-Diatta RCDetroit Shock
6Crystal RobinsonNew York Liberty
7Tora SuberOrlando Miracle
8Lady HardmonSacramento Monarchs
9Maria StepanovaPhoenix Mercury
10Mwadi MabikaLos Angeles Sparks
11Rebecca LoboNew York Liberty
12Ticha PenicheiroSacramento Monarchs
13Vicky BullettWashington Mystics
14Adia BarnesPhoenix Mercury
15Andrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
16Sheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
17Heather Owen RCWashington Mystics
18Andrea CongreavesOrlando Miracle
19Brandy ReedPhoenix Mercury
20Dawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
21Jennifer Rizzotti RCHouston Comets
22Latasha ByearsSacramento Monarchs
23Merlakia JonesCleveland Rockers
24Niesa Johnson RCCharlotte Sting
25Rushia BrownCleveland Rockers
26Taj McWilliams-Franklin RCOrlando Miracle
27Wendy PalmerDetroit Shock
28Krystyna Lara RCUtah Starzz
29Andrea Lloyd-Curry RCMinnesota Lynx
30Carla McGheeOrlando Miracle
31DeLisha MiltonLos Angeles Sparks
32Katie SmithMinnesota Lynx
33Mery AndradeCleveland Rockers
34Nikki McCrayWashington Mystics
35Ruthie BoltonSacramento Monarchs
36Tamecka DixonLos Angeles Sparks
37Tracy Henderson RCCleveland Rockers
38Yolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
39LaTonya JohnsonUtah Starzz
40Coquese WashingtonHouston Comets
41Chamique HoldsclawWashington Mystics
42Dominique Canty RCDetroit Shock
43Kedra Holland-Corn RCSacramento Monarchs
44Michele TimmsPhoenix Mercury
45Nykesha SalesOrlando Miracle
46Shalonda Enis RCCharlotte Sting
47Tamika Whitmore RCNew York Liberty
48Tracy ReidCharlotte Sting
49Kate StarbirdUtah Starzz
50Amanda Wilson RCPhoenix Mercury
51Sonia Chase RCCharlotte Sting
52Elaine PowellOrlando Miracle
53Michelle EdwardsCleveland Rockers
54Olympia ScottDetroit Shock
55Shannon JohnsonOrlando Miracle
56Tammy JacksonHouston Comets
57Ukari FiggsLos Angeles Sparks
58Linda BurgessSacramento Monarchs
59Angie Braziel RCCharlotte Sting
60Tricia Bader Binford RCCleveland Rockers
61Adrienne JohnsonOrlando Miracle
62Chasity Melvin RCCleveland Rockers
63Korie HledeUtah Starzz
64Michelle GriffithsPhoenix Mercury
65Penny MooreWashington Mystics
66Sheri SamOrlando Miracle
67Tangela SmithSacramento Monarchs
68Val WhitingDetroit Shock
69Angie PotthoffMinnesota Lynx
70Cindy BrownUtah Starzz
71Kristin FolklMinnesota Lynx
72Lisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
73Monica LambHouston Comets
74Teresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty
75Valerie Still RCWashington Mystics
76Tonya EdwardsPhoenix Mercury
77Heather Quella RCSacramento Monarchs
78Cass Bauer RCCharlotte Sting
79Bridget PettisPhoenix Mercury
80Cindy BlodgettSacramento Monarchs
81Janeth ArcainHouston Comets
82Kym HamptonNew York Liberty
83Margo DydekUtah Starzz
84Murriel PageWashington Mystics
85Sonja TateMinnesota Lynx
86Vickie JohnsonNew York Liberty
87Eva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
88Charlotte SmithCharlotte Sting
89Venus Lacy RCNew York Liberty
90Polina Tzekova RCHouston Comets
91Dalma Ivanyi RCUtah Starzz
92Allison FeasterLos Angeles Sparks
93Becky Hammon RCNew York Liberty
94Amaya Valdemoro RCHouston Comets
95Jennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury
96La’Keshia Frett RCLos Angeles Sparks
97Markita Aldridge RCWashington Mystics
98Natalie WilliamsUtah Starzz
99Rhonda MappCharlotte Sting
100Suzie McConnell-SerioCleveland Rockers
101Tina ThompsonHouston Comets
102Wanda GuytonDetroit Shock
103Lisa Harrison RCPhoenix Mercury
104Andrea Nagy RCWashington Mystics
105Edna Campbell EDSeattle Storm
106Nina Bjedov ED, RCSeattle Storm
107Sonja Henning ED, RCSeattle Storm
108Toni Foster EDSeattle Storm
109Angela Aycock ED, RCSeattle Storm
110Charmin Smith ED, RCSeattle Storm
111Chantel Tremitiere EDIndiana Fever
112Gordana Grubin ED, RCIndiana Fever
113Kara Wolters EDIndiana Fever
114Rita Williams EDIndiana Fever
115Stephanie McCarty EDIndiana Fever
116Monica Maxwell ED, RCIndiana Fever
117Debbie Black EDMiami Sol
118Elena Baranova EDMiami Sol
119Sharon Manning EDMiami Sol
120Molly Goodenbour ED, RCPortland Fire
121Alisa Burras ED, RCPortland Fire
122Mila Nikolich ED, RCPortland Fire
123Jamila Wideman EDPortland Fire
124Michele VanGorp EDPortland Fire
125Sophia Witherspoon EDPortland Fire
126Tari Phillips EDPortland Fire
127Sheri Sam SMOrlando Miracle
128Mwadi Mabika SMLos Angeles Sparks
129Murriel Page SMWashington Mystics
130Latasha Byears SMSacramento Monarchs
131Dominique Canty SMDetroit Shock
132Crystal Robinson SMNew York Liberty
133Cynthia Cooper SMHouston Comets
134Ruthie Bolton SMSacramento Monarchs
135Cindy Brown SMUtah Starzz
136Kristin Folkl SMMinnesota Lynx
137Jennifer Gillom SMPhoenix Mercury
138Adrienne Goodson SMUtah Starzz
139Vickie Johnson SMNew York Liberty
140Merlakia Jones SMCleveland Rockers
141Rebecca Lobo SMNew York Liberty
142Nikki McCray SMWashington Mystics
143Suzie McConnell-Serio SMCleveland Rockers
144DeLisha Milton SMLos Angeles Sparks
145Eva Nemcova SMCleveland Rockers
146Wendy Palmer SMDetroit Shock
147Brandy Reed SMPhoenix Mercury
148Nykesha Sales SMOrlando Miracle
149Andrea Stinson SMCharlotte Sting
150Michele Timms SMPhoenix Mercury
151Valerie Still SMWashington Mystics
152Andrea Nagy SMWashington Mystics
153Tonya Edwards SMPhoenix Mercury
154Taj McWilliams-Franklin SMOrlando Miracle
155Kedra Holland-Corn SMSacramento Monarchs
156Maria Stepanova SMPhoenix Mercury



The 2000 SkyBox Dominion WNBA Autographics insert set totals 13 cards and is the second time the set appears. The Chamique Holdsclaw is believed to be short printed.

NNORuthie Bolton AUSacramento Monarchs
NNOCynthia Cooper AUHouston Comets
NNOJennifer Gillom AUPhoenix Mercury
NNOYolanda Griffith AUSacramento Monarchs
NNOChamique Holdsclaw AU, SPWashington Mystics
NNOKedra Holland-Corn AUSacramento Monarchs
NNOLisa Leslie AULos Angeles Sparks
NNOTaj McWilliams-Franklin AUOrlando Miracle
NNOTicha Penicheiro AUSacramento Monarchs
NNOCrystal Robinson AUNew York Liberty
NNOKate Starbird AUUtah Starzz
NNOAndrea Stinson AUCharlotte Sting
NNOSue Wicks AUNew York Liberty


The 2000 SkyBox Dominion All WNBA insert set contains a total of 10 cards. The 2000 SkyBox Dominion All WNBA insert features the top all stars from the league that season.

1 AWSheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
2 AWNatalie WilliamsUtah Starzz
3 AWYolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
4 AWCynthia CooperHouston Comets
5 AWTicha PenicheiroSacramento Monarchs
6 AWChamique HoldsclawWashington Mystics
7 AWTina ThompsonHouston Comets
8 AWLisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
9 AWTeresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty
10 AWShannon JohnsonOrlando Miracle

Girls Rock!

The 2000 SkyBox Dominion WNBA Girls Rock insert set contains 10 card. The cards in this set are die-cut and feature a shimmery background that makes them stand-out from other cards in the set.

1 GRSheryl SwoopesHouston Comets
2 GRChamique HoldsclawWashington Mystics
3 GRDawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
4 GRKatie SmithMinnesota Lynx
5 GRYolanda GriffithSacramento Monarchs
6 GRTicha PenicheiroSacramento Monarchs
7 GRTeresa WeatherspoonNew York Liberty
8 GRNatalie WilliamsUtah Starzz
9 GRLisa LeslieLos Angeles Sparks
10 GRCynthia CooperHouston Comets

Supreme Court

The 2000 SkyBox Dominion WNBA insert set is a total of 20 cards. This large insert set features as foil overlay design and some of the league’s top stars.

1 SCDawn StaleyCharlotte Sting
2 SCMerlakia JonesCleveland Rockers
3 SCEva NemcovaCleveland Rockers
4 SCSuzie McConnell-SerioCleveland Rockers
5 SCCynthia CooperHouston Comets
6 SCBrandy ReedPhoenix Mercury
7 SCKatie SmithMinnesota Lynx
8 SCVickie JohnsonNew York Liberty
9 SCRebecca LoboNew York Liberty
10 SCShannon JohnsonOrlando Miracle
11 SCNykesha SalesOrlando Miracle
12 SCJennifer GillomPhoenix Mercury
13 SCNikki McCrayWashington Mystics
14 SCMichele TimmsPhoenix Mercury
15 SCTina ThompsonHouston Comets
16 SCRuthie BoltonSacramento Monarchs
17 SCWendy PalmerDetroit Shock
18 SCDeLisha MiltonLos Angeles Sparks
19 SCAndrea StinsonCharlotte Sting
20 SCAdrienne GoodsonUtah Starzz

The Cooper Collection

The 2000 SkyBox Dominion WNBA The Cooper Collection insert set is a 8 card homage to one of the gamest greatest players, Cynthia Cooper. This is one of only two inserts sets produced of a single player.

1 CCCynthia CooperHouston Comets
2 CCCynthia CooperHouston Comets
3 CCCynthia CooperHouston Comets
4 CCCynthia CooperHouston Comets
5 CCCynthia CooperHouston Comets
6 CCCynthia CooperHouston Comets
7 CCCynthia CooperHouston Comets
8 CCCynthia CooperHouston Comets