September 2021 WNBA Cards PSA POP Count Update

Howdy folks. Welcome to the September 2021 WNBA card PSA POP count update. PSA has been hard at work grading cards faster than ever before, so it is no surprise WNBA cards saw a large increase in total population.

Highest WNBA Card Sales on eBay for July 2021

Welcome to our first public edition of the Highest WNBA Card Sales on eBay. We are opening up the data we have to help you make better, more informed decisions. Here’s a look back at July 2021.

psa pop count updates for july

July 2021 WNBA Cards PSA POP Count Update

There’s a lot of FUD in The Hobby. That’s why we started tracking PSA POP counts early last year for every WNBA card set since 1997. Learn more about which sets and cards, saw the biggest increases in population count at PSA in past 30 days.

Is Investing in Sabrina Ionescu Cards Smart?

There’s no young player more polarizing to WNBA collectors and investors than Sabrina Ionescu. Take an inside look at whether or not investing in Sabrina Ionescu cards is smart.