Meet Garrett


Garrett with two R’s and two T’s here.

Thanks for your interest in learning more about me.

I really hate writing things like this. How can one not come across as pretentious when writing about themselves?? 👀

That’s why I will try not to be and stick to the basics about me.

It was an odd combination of interests and skills that lead me to create the latest iteration of

I am a father, husband, brother, son, and uncle. I’m an entrepreneur, marketer, and aspiring website developer 🙃

I’m passionate about collecting and investing in WNBA cards. My favorite part is meeting new people across the world who share the same passion.

I look forward to connecting you with too and sharing my knowledge of WNBA cards with you.

Hopefully we can make a deal or a trade or two.

👐 Forever

More About Me

Favorite Team
NY Liberty / Dallas Wings
Favorite Player
Stewie / Satou Sabally
Favorite Card
2006 Rittenhouse Deanna Nolan "Shades" Auto
Favorite Set
2004 Fleer Ultra Seasons Crowns Letters

Collector, Investor, Or Dealer?

You may be wondering whether I am a collector, investor, or dealer.

That’s a great question given the breadth and contents of

I consider myself to be more of an enthusiast than anything. The reality is that I think like a collector and buy like an investor 🧠

Buying, selling, trading, it’s fun. Hunting downing hard to find cards. Fun.

Selling a card for profit. That’s also fun. 💰

Same goes for trading a card to someone who needed it to complete their quest.

Whatever that makes me in your eyes, then that is what I am.

Where Else Can We Find You Online?

I’m relatively light when it comes to an online footprint on purpose.

You can connect with me through IG by following @WNBACardsCom

You can connect with me on eBay by messaging seller wnbacards

At some point soon I am sure I will update to include a YouTube channel.

Gotta have a YouTube these days.

If you’re still reading this and there’s more you want to learn about me please reach out and make contact.

(I won’t call a foul 😜)