Top Lauren Jackson Cards

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On this page you will find a list of top Lauren Jackson cards ranked. The cards in the list below are ranked by a number based on a number of factors including print runs, market demand, previous sales prices, and future growth potential. This is not an exact science, so use this as a list of top Lauren Jackson cards as a guide and do your own research before making any purchases.

Top 10 Lauren Jackson Cards


2008 Rittenhouse WNBA Lauren Jackson Autograph

The first Lauren Jackson card to appear on our list is her 2008 Rittenhouse WNBA autograph insert. Jackson’s second licensed auto card, this card is a classic of Lauren holding her second WNBA MVP trophy. Similar to most Rittenhouse year WNBA cards, this one is not in high supply and given her popularity overseas, this is definitely a card to scoop up.

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2007 Rittenhouse WNBA Lauren Jackson All WNBA Team /100

For our number nine card we bring you the 2007 Rittenhouse WNBA Lauren Jackson All WNBA Team insert number to 100. This card depicts Jackson’s six appearances on the All WNBA list. A relatively low print run, and the general lack of Lauren Jackson cards, makes this is a popular card with collectors.

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2006 Rittenhouse WNBA Lauren Jackson All Decade Team /333

One of the best players in WNBA history, Jackson found herself named to the WNBA All Decade Team in 2006. This Rittenhouse insert numbered to 333 marks a key event in her career, making it a key card for Jackson collectors. While not necessarily an investment level card, with only 333 made, the price of this card should continue to creep up over time.

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2005 Rittenhouse WNBA Lauren Jackson 2004 WNBA Champion Variant Autograph

At seven we have the first Lauren Jackson autograph card. The 2005 Rittenhouse WNBA Autograph, in the 2004 Champion variant is a key card for two reasons. First, it’s Jackson’s first autograph, and second, it marks the winning of her first WNBA championship. Put this one on your must have list.

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2003 Fleer Ultra Lauren Jackson All Star Review Material

Next up is the 2003 Fleer Ultra All Star Review Material card. This is Jackson’s first patch card, issued the same year she took home her league MVP. Similar to other patch cards, there are a variety of patches to collect; one color, two color, and the more valuable three color patch. Given the small number of patch cards for Jackson, both collectors and investors should keep their eyes on this one.

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2020 Panini Prizm WNBA Lauren Jackson Signatures Gold Prizm Autograph /10

Starting the top five we move all the way to the Ultra Modern era for the 2020 Panini Prizm WNBA Lauren Jackson Gold Auto. Part of the highly popular Signatures Series of sticker autographs, this numbered to 10 parallel is a beauty. With the popularity of the Prizm set, and Jackson’s induction into the Hall of Fame in 2020, this card has the perfect mix of rarity and relevance that everyone in the hobby loves.

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2002 Fleer Authentix WNBA Lauren Jackson Front Row /100

Normally a second year card wouldn’t be this high up on a top cards list, but coming in at number four is Jackson’s 2002 Fleer Authentix WNBA Front Row parallel. Limited to only 100, this is one of Lauren’s rarest early cards. With the popularity of the Authentix set with WNBA collectors and investors, this card has been in increasing demand the past year as folks scramble to get their hands on the legend’s key cards.

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2004 Fleer Ultra Lauren Jackson Seasons Crowns Letters /7

Our favorite (and rarest) WNBA insert brings us our next card on the list. Well, actually it’s seven cards. Featuring one card for each letter of her last name, the Seasons Crowns Letter cards are extremely hard to come by. That also makes them expensive. Consider one of these a special find; all seven? Holy Grail.

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2001 Fleer Tradition WNBA Lauren Jackson Rookie Card

From the rarest card(s) on the list to something a little more accessible, at number two is Jackson’s 2001 Fleer Tradition Rookie Card. One of two true rookie cards from the year, this 2001 Fleer Tradition features a classic white border with the rookie about to shoot a free throw. While you might think that cards from this era are in plentiful supply, finding a GEM Mint card is not that easy. The Tradition set has known centering issues, so you may be hunting a while for that perfect rookie.

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2001 Fleer Ultra WNBA Lauren Jackson Rookie Card

And at number one, we have the 2001 Fleer Ultra WNBA Lauren Jackson Rookie Card. This card edges out is Fleer Tradition sister due to Ultra being the lead Basketball set from this era. A lot like the Tradition, this card is perceived to be in high supply, but is actually tough to find. When they do come up for sale don’t expect it to be cheap. With a very low PSA POP count this is one of the top WNBA cards to own for collectors and investors alike.

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